The mobile app for Ukraine-cryses refugees where people can offer and request help
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Due the situation in Ukraine more than 3 million people have left their homes. Most of them managed to take only one piece of luggage with them. All can help
There are six definitions
Food, hygiene
Shelter, bed, hostel, house
Transfer and delivery
education, job and events
legal, help and Advice
furniture, clothes, toys

Dear friends,

I have worked hard trying to help in a current situation.

In 10 days I have managed to create a mobile app where people can both offer and request help such as Essentials, Transport, Information, Accomodation, Learning, etc.

Both individuals as well as companies can offer any help in the listing section. This is a no-for-profit project and, therefore, all the listings should be free of any charge.

We are now testing the app for 2 days and then it is expected to launch. Now you can help test it and start adding listings.

If anyone wants to volunteer in moderation, promotiom or listing -- you are more than welcome! We are also looking for help translating the app to Romanian, Estonian and Ukrainian.

Vera Zemscova
Countries in the app
More will be added in the nearest future
Also some listings are available in all the world online
Need I pay for app or things in listing?
No, this app as well as the items listed are completely free
What are the languages in the App?
The navigation is in English, however your offers and requests can be in any language. We recommended using keywords that are likely to be searched within our platform
How can I contact a listing owners?
Every listing has the contact information that suits the listing owner.
I want to help the project
We are looking for volunteers to be moderators, designers, writers, translators, PR and marketing specialists. and, of course, you can spread a word about us
When did you start?
The Idea was born on 7th march 2022, when it become clear that there are many people needing help and information as state logistics are overloaded. People from Ukraine have lost their homes, and often don't have any essentials such as clothes and hygiene products. everyone can help!
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Created by Vera Zemscova
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Nonprofit organization Registry code:80610876
Harju maakond, Tallinn Estonia

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